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In the middle of the clouds, the mountains are like a group of sleeping lions, sleeping in the hot and dry season, without the vitality and vitality of the past. In the middle of it, the birthplace of mankind is suffering from the heat and drought. Without the water, the land of the hometown is crying, and all the flowers are withered in this season. Langzhong, Yuanmou, my hometown, this spring, I dare not look back at the direction of your location, there is still no cloud, there is still drought. This spring, I dreamed that the velvet kapok in my hometown had all withered all night. A tearful fish in Longchuan River was sleeping with stones, and the green vegetables in the wilderness fell into the hot sunshine. Hometown, I know that this summer, when you are suffering from unprecedented pain, the road seems to be blurred, I can not find the direction to go back Marlboro Gold. I read you in the text written by others, but that is the hometown of others' papers, not the hometown of my soul, and your warm breath gradually dissipated on me Hometown, do you know? I have been away from you for ten years, ten years, and I have fallen asleep on countless sleepless nights with a dream of homesickness. I am like a fish branded with my birthmark Newport 100S, and I am constantly thinking about my homesickness in the undercurrent of a foreign land. taste. Some people say that a long-term foreigner will become the second hometown. I used to think so before, but now I feel wrong. In a foreign land, it is difficult for one person to transfer the feelings of his hometown to a foreign land. The soul can't find a place to live. The memories are like an empty bag. In fact, all the foreign land no matter how many years you lived, how many people you met, how many circles you made, still foreign land. These feelings have grown stronger over the years. The small town where I live has a strong holiday complex. When I arrive at the festival, the feelings of homesickness are filled in my heart, and I can't open it. Even though the small town is full of festive atmosphere, I can't really integrate into this small town. I have been reminding myself in the depths of my heart: You are just a stranger. I always thought: If you regard a foreign land as your hometown, you are not a prodigal son who betrays his hometown. In fact, he has betrayed. Can't go back, although the distance to go home is not far away, the body can go back, but the soul has become accustomed to living outside. In the days of the mooring, it was so easy to betray the hometown of the homesickness of the prodigal son. Many people are far away from home to pursue their dreams. Do I still have a dream? Some dreams are destined to break away from the moment of their hometown. In the years after they left their hometown, they are actua
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Všechny časy jsou v UTC + 1 hodina

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